New Health Informatics: Foundations and Frameworks course available via EmergingEd

Now, more than ever, the healthcare industry needs professionals who can use emerging technology to optimize healthcare delivery and improve outcomes. Healthcare Informatics Foundations and Frameworks provides you with the necessary skills to assess and apply medical systems, software, devices, and databases within the healthcare field. Through real-world examples, this health technology course will teach you to adjust to evolving policy requirements, safeguard patient information and utilize evidence-based medicine to answer clinical questions.

This foundational course is designed to demystify healthcare informatics and health data management. Learn how to organize and analyze health records, implement best practices for protecting patient privacy and explore how AI and wearable medical devices are changing the way patient data is collected. This course is suitable for career-driven professionals seeking to understand the digital health space and how to best leverage data and technology in healthcare. It is also excellent for managers with experience in hospitals, health insurance, or pharmaceuticals who are looking to explore data-driven initiatives to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.

Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $1,500

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