New Healthcare Analytics: Foundations and Frameworks course available via EmergingEd

What does it look like when data is used for good? In this new era of healthcare, we’re all relying on data and statistics to dictate best practices. Healthcare professionals must be prepared to sort through big data and utilize it to improve patient outcomes. Through real-world case studies, Healthcare Analytics Foundations and Frameworks provides you with the necessary skills to evaluate machine learning interventions and their impact on patient care, alleviate high healthcare costs by using data collected to improve care quality and outcomes and apply predictive analytics across the care continuum for diseases.

This foundational course demonstrates the ways analytics can be used in the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes by decreasing health risks and enhancing physicians’ care. Learn about data-driven solutions and data science methodologies, and oversee successful healthcare analytics projects to explore the impact of machine learning interventions on patient care. This course is ideal for healthcare professionals in clinical roles aspiring to implement analytics into their patient care methods. It is also appropriate for non-clinical healthcare professionals seeking strategies to leverage data in a hospital or healthcare system.

Length: 4 weeks
Cost: $499

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